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Speakers and panelists

Workshop a: Global Thinking

These workshops aim to demonstrate the value of global thinking and international teaching to delegates, as well as providing information and perspectives on international schools, teaching abroad, and international exchanges during their university experience.

Workshop B:
Local Thinking

These workshops highlight the importance of the relationship between the classroom and the local community, highlighting local businesses and educators who exemplify this relationship.

Workshop C: student success

These workshops explore different ways that educators can forster student welnness at any age, both inside and outside of the classroom. It explores techniques and strategies for helping grow and maintain student wellness, as well as the significant role student wellness can have on education.

Workshop d: educator success

These workshops aim to promote teacher wellness through education surrounding the importance of maintaining wellness, techniques to do so, and exploring research on the relationship between teacher and student wellness.

Panel a: Teachers as lifelong learners

Panel b: the educator/student connection

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